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SonsOfAvaniaHi there, my name is Tristan Cobb.

I’m a freelance artist and animator with a wide range of skills and interests. I graduated from the New England Institute of Art with a BS in Media Arts and Animation in 2010, and I now live in Boston, MA.

Please have a look at my reels and other work on the Animated Artwork and Still Artwork pages, and read my Resume or find out more on the About Me page. You can stay up to date with my latest work on the News page. Also, feel free to email me with any questions you may have at

My Resume.
My YouTube Channel.

My General/3D Reel:

My 2D/Flash Reel:

3D Models I’ve made for Unreal Tournament 3
Download my characters for UT3 on the PC at My ModDB Page!

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